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About Us

With over 45 years of experience in the medical and financial service fields, we have the expertise you demand and deserve. In these challenging times, BSC Medical can provide the funding for all your capital purchases. Our focus is concentrated in the medical field, so our expertise is specialized on the types of equipment you are needing. In the medical arena, technology changes so quickly which puts the demand on you to keep up with the new technology enhancements. With tight budgets, we can help you fufill your equipment needs in a very timely fashion. We are specialized in assistancing you with aquiring new equipment as well as we have marketing outlets for your used equipment.

Our highly qualified staff is ready to assist you with all your capital equipment needs. Whether you want to buy the equipment at the end of the lease term or turn it back in for newer technology, we have a product for you.

With your extremely busy schedule in mind, we are committed to providing you 24 hour assistance for all your leasing questions. Maybe its 9:00 pm and you are just now reviewing the specs for a new capital purchase, but would like to know what some lease options would be, give us a call at 309-648-4838 or 309-339-0625. We will be there to answer those questions for you.