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At BSC Medical, our job is to get the best lease possible for you—our client. Whether you are buying a $50,000 lab analyzer or a $2.0 million MRI we have the right product for you.

With our extensive funding sources, we can provide the right structure and lease terms whatever you are buying. In today's environment, preserving capital makes more sense than ever and leasing that next purchase is a great way to do that. Bank financing typically comes with large downpayments and the requirement to pledge all your business assets. Our leasing products allow you to fund 100% of your capital purchases and the only asset being pledged is the one being purchased.

Unlike other leasing companies, we are not just interested in a "deal", but to become one of your "trusted advisors". Every successful hospital or medical practice needs someone they can count on for funding their capital purchases. You are busy taking care of patients, you don't want to be spending time checking out 5 or 6 different leasing options to make sure you are getting a good deal.
We do that for you!


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